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Zhao Chuang: Meet the man who brings dinosaurs to life

If you came to this Beijing warehouse at night it would be downright creepy.

More than 20 towering dinosaurs stand in the yard, teeth sharp and claws unfurled; inside are 40 more life-sized models -- steel frames propping up carcasses made of fiberglass and clay.
Chinese illustrator Zhao Chuang, who employs 30 people at his sprawling studio in China's capital, is the go-to artist for paleontologists, museums and publishers across the world who want to bring dinosaurs to life. By day, his workplace feels a lot like the set of a "Jurassic Park" movie.
He occupies a rare place between art and science -- using information scientists have gleaned from fossils and his own imagination to draw, illustrate and model the prehistoric creatures.
His work has gained prominence just as China, and the fascinating dinosaurs discovered in its rich fossil fields, have come to dominate the field of paleontology.

Boyhood dream

Zhao started out secretly drawing dinosaurs on his desk at elementary school with a pencil -- much to his teacher's dismay.
"My family was poor and my hometown is in a remote place -- there weren't many books, especially books about dinosaurs," Zhao says. "My whole childhood I wanted to draw that book."
And he's done just that -- and more. Now, his work is sought after across the globe and is even collected by fans.
"I'm confident to say that my works are art -- I've poured my heart into it."
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